Tell Us, Who Are Some of the Most Creative People You Know?

(Clockwise from top) Actor and model Anjali Sivaraman; photographer Sasha Jairam; artist and activist Durga Gawde; content creator Ankush Bahuguna; stylist and creative director Ekta Rajani; and comedian, writer, and producer Sumukhi Suresh.

The Word.: Who are some of the most creative people you know (even if not personally)?

Anjali Sivaraman: “I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by many, many creative people. And the people who are the closest to me in my life are the most creative people I know.”

Sasha Jairam: “I have a long list…I admire many photographers such as (late) Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle, Lachlan Bailey, and (late) Patrick Demarchelier, artists like Petra Collins and Guy Bourdin, and pianist Elizaveta Khripounova.”

Durga Gawde: “There are so many but I’d like to speak about people I interact with regularly. My drag mother Sushant Divgikr’s ability to hold an audience and sing like a dream. My drag sister Glorious Luna’s presence and ability to shapeshift, and my chosen child, Parth Khanna, who is a fashion designer…his work and spirit inspire me constantly.”

Ankush Bahuguna: “Quite a few! I recently saw a fashion campaign by Torani [founded by Karan Torani], which I thought was beautiful. I also think Aaron Arjun Koul is a very creative content creator!”

Ekta Rajani: “These days, I am drawn to creatives who dive deep into purpose, materials, systems, and afterlives of their creations so as to be mindful of the whole process and not just the outcome. I love the sophisticated playfulness of Dries Van Noten and Good Earth; the whimsical anarchy of Little Shilpa; the unconventional conviction of Kallol Datta and Button Masala; the bold femininity of Anamika Khanna and Swapna Mehta; the poetic homage of Paro; the stark architecture of Peter Do and Arjun Saluja….the list is endless.”

Sumukhi Suresh: “My nieces. There is an abandonment to them and their actions, which make them bold and creative.”

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