It’s True, Becoming a Mom Changes Everything

The Word. asks seven moms to share their experiences with motherhood.

(Clockwise) Gabriella Demetriades, Masoom Minawala, Vidhi Gupta, Juhi Godambe, Sameera Reddy, and Lakshmi Manchu 

Research proves that you are not the same person after you have given birth. Motherhood brings with it physical, psychological, and neurological changes that, to some, might feel like they’re reborn. The Word. speaks to seven mothers on the key changes they experienced post-childbirth.

Masoom Minawala
Global Influencer, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author

“Becoming a mother has changed me in ways I didn’t expect. I am a different person now. My priorities have shifted, and I only focus on what truly matters. I also take better care of myself now because I know that I can’t help my family if I am burnt out.

I am always racing against time.

Motherhood has shown me strengths I didn’t know I had and helped me face my weaknesses, too. I have become more patient, and learned to bounce back from tough moments faster. On some days, it feels like I’m barely keeping it together, but every day is a learning experience.”

Lakshmi Manchu
Actor and Producer

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I became a mother. When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, I was ecstatic. It was also transformative… I felt like I grew up overnight. There was this surge of energy, and that feeling is inexplicable.

It’s amazing how, from the moment she was born, my daughter became the most important thing in my life. More important than my career. She has brought discipline into my life and taught me what unconditional love is. She is a mini version of me, and I have witnessed my life change for the better after she came along—I learn so much every day. And I feel more centred and aligned after becoming a mother.”

Gabriella Demetriades
Founder, Deme by Gabriella

“Women go through countless physical and emotional changes after becoming mothers. Personally, motherhood has made me more empathetic and patient. Time, now, is a precious commodity as I have to balance my work and look after two children.

Motherhood also alters your priorities in many ways. Identifying what’s important is crucial. For me, it’s my work, family, and health…and the rest can take a backseat.”

Rimzim Dadu

“Being a working mother is tough. But, after I gave birth, statements like ‘Women can do it all’ or ‘Women can have it all’ have a newfound meaning in my life. Post childbirth, I realised my true potential…when it comes to balancing and multitasking.

I was never a patient person, but dealing with a toddler changes you. I am also very conscious about the kind of planet we’re leaving behind for the next generation. I have always been passionate about sustainability and the environment, but when you have a baby, you become way more action-oriented—something I didn’t expect would happen to me.”

Sameera Reddy
Actor and Content Creator 

“I have spoken about how I wasn’t prepared for the actual process of being a mother. I was ready with all the paraphernalia, but not mentally and emotionally.

We all buy into the notion of being an ‘idealistic’ mother. We see it in ads, societal conditioning, social media, and even at home. When I gave birth for the first time, it was hard for me to deal with the physical changes. My body caved in ways I did not expect. Keeping up with the psychological pressure of breastfeeding and that a newborn’s life was dependent on you was hard to take in within the first few days. Since I had a C-section, my body did not bounce back as quickly, which led to years of deep-seated insecurities coming to the fore. And people were not kind about it!

That being said, the incomprehensible joy and love that comes with childbirth is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Motherhood has also been an incredible understanding of how I went from being fairly self-centred to being selfless and fearless. I was better prepared for my second pregnancy and I embraced the changes, too—I wish I had the same energy during the first one. Once you have dealt with your deepest fears and insecurities, you feel liberated. Motherhood has taught me to go above and beyond, and I’m looking forward to what the journey ahead has in store for me.”

Juhi Godambe
Founder, Arabellaa, and Content Creator 

“My appreciation for time has grown tenfold since becoming a mother.

Balancing work and motherhood can be tough. Sometimes, I find it hard to give my baby the time he deserves…or spend time with my husband, or even get a little ‘me time’.

There’s also a sense of guilt, especially since my work requires me to travel often. I recently let go of a few important projects because I had been away for a while, and the thought of leaving Aryan at home for another couple of days broke my heart. It’s a constant battle to balance my work while still doing my best for my son.”

Vidhi Gupta
Co-Founder, Zariin

“10 months into motherhood, I understand why it is possibly the most life-changing experience.

Love and nurturing have taken on a new meaning for me. But then, it’s no surprise because a new mother’s brain undergoes structural changes where areas linked to empathy and emotional connection increase in volume. It also explains why the ‘mommy brain’ is so attuned to the needs of the baby despite intense sleep deprivation. And why I have occasional memory lapses, like forgetting simple words or details, which is so frustrating.

As someone who finds fulfilment in work and identifies strongly with productivity, adjusting to the inevitable loss of productivity on many days has been challenging. The baby’s needs naturally take priority, shifting my focus away from work tasks. Multitasking has become my default mode, but it often feels like managing constant chaos in my mind. I used to pride myself on an organised life, but now I have had to accept and navigate the new mental clutter that comes with motherhood.”