These New, Glamorous Jibbitz By Crocs Need To Be In Your Monsoon Wardrobe

We’re talking pearls pendants, enamelled palm trees, and gilded nuts and chains.

Content creator Ruhee Dosani takes a leap in the latest Monsoon Campaign for Crocs.

The Monsoon calls for comfort, and along with it, an extra dash of glamour and colour. And the leader in casual footwear, Crocs has devoted itself to creating the season’s most stylish shoes that celebrate their beloved jibbitz in fancier styles than before.

Unapologetically optimistic, this season’s clogs have been treated to vibrant colourways, like bright yellow, shades of pink, lavender, and red, as well as classic tones like black, white, brown, olive, and more. Conveying ‘Unfiltered Self-expression’, these unisex clogs champion individuality with their special personalisations…and everyone from Gen Z to those who enjoy having fun with fashion will appreciate this.

The Monsoon Campaign features the famous dance group Quickstyle.
A detailed look at the personalised Crocs, adorned with jibbitz.

The shoes feel good on the feet (behold, the rains!), and we’re particularly taken in by the delightful ‘Pearly Gates’ jibbitz, in the shape of hearts and drop pendants, that are just right for a night out with friends or a stylish evening. Similarly, the ‘Cool Girl Festival’ jibbitz, with golden chains and bolts, beckon a summer holiday where you want to walk in style. And, finally, the ‘Tropical Removable Charm Chain’ jibbitz play with little pendants in the shape of palm trees, sunglasses, shells, and more.

Comfort is key for the brand, and over 300 million pairs have been sold since 2003.
Content Creator John Dominic Rai wearing the jewellery-like jibbitz, which add extra glamour to the Crocs.

In fact, the brand recently released a special photo series evoking joy and spontaneity, with the famous dance group Quickstyle, and content creators Ruhee Dosani, Shantanu Maheshwari, Sheetal Perry, and Aakash Thapa.

The shoe designs are varied, too. For instance, the best-selling ‘Crush Clogs’ with added height and the pivoting backstrap make an extra impression. And the ‘Classic Sandals’ are slip-ons for days, an easy way to channel casual-cool, while the ‘Crush Sandals’ come with that extra lift on the soles. Finally, the ‘Women’s Classic Platform Clogs’ keep it easy-breezy, and how.

Now, did someone suggest being stylish in the Monsoon? We’re ready.

Content Creator Agou pairs his monsoon Crocs with denim.
Content Creator Ambrose takes aa jump in his pair of Crocs

All images: Courtesy Crocs