The Word. Beauty Power Meetups, Ft. Forest Essentials

A curated afternoon that honoured and celebrated the roots and journey of the luxury Ayurveda brand.

(Left to Right) Namarata Joshipura, Malini Ramani, and Payal Pratap

The Word. Magazine launched its VIP Beauty Power Meetups with a sit-down lunch in collaboration with Forest Essentials. The inaugural session with the luxury beauty brand lay emphasis on the science of Ayurveda and the brand’s roots in the Himalayas.

The lunch, hosted at D’Monde Members Club in New Delhi, was an immersive experience that allowed guests to learn about Forest Essentials’ origin, rituals, key ingredients, and more.

As the VIP attendees walked in, they were bathed in holy smoke by a member of the Forest Essentials’ team, as a welcome to the VIP Power Lunch. The room was filled with iconic imagery that traced the brand’s roots in the Himalayan region, how the brand helped empower local women, and an expansive map highlighting the many Indian cities Forest Essentials source their natural, raw ingredients from.

The Word. Team also curated a corner featuring the brand’s most-loved products and their new, natural make-up range, comprising concealers, highlighters, blush, and more. An old piano played host to photo frames lined with images that captured the essence of the brand. We fashioned two dressers into Forest Essentials display stations to present their hero products, make-up range, and a sneak preview of their yet-to-be-launched Mogra range. We captured guests swatching and testing the various skincare and make-up formulas, immersing themselves in the fragrant world of Forest Essentials.

For lunch, the table setting featured lush rows of flowers and neem leaves—ingredients that feature in Forest Essentials’ various formulations. It was a sight to behold…one that was captured by many guests. As the guests sat down for the three-course meal, they were greeted with a thali that paid homage to the brand’s dedication to using only the purest, freshest, seasonal, and sensorial ingredients…including cardamom, saffron, rose, sandalwood, turmeric, pomegranates, and more. The thought was inspired by Forest Essentials philosophy: ‘If you cannot eat it, do not use it on your skin’.

During lunch, the guests were enthralled with two surprise performances by Kathak danseuse Shivani Varma, inspired by Forest Essentials. The afternoon was a blend of beauty, culture, and riveting conversations.

(L-R) Meghna Sharma, Tarini Manchanda, Sanya Dawar, Senior Manager - Marketing & Brand Communications, Forest Essentials, and Nandini Bhalla, Editor-In-Chief, The Word. Magazine
Tanisha Mohan (left) and Gauri Kohli
(L-R) Eishhita Puri, Neha Singh, and Sagrika Grover
The Forest Essentials' Mogra Range
The Table Setting at The Word. x Forest Essentials VIP Beauty Power Meetup
The Word. Power of the Day
Vasudha Rai trying on the Forest Essentials' make-up range
Steffi Elsy Xavier and Prabhleen
(L-R) Prerna Subba, Radhika Bhalla, and Arushi Mehra
Kathak Dancer Shivani Varma
Nandini Bhalla, Editor-In-Chief, The Word. Magazine, and Sanya Dawar, Senior Manager - Marketing & Brand Communications, Forest Essentials, next to the map that traces the cities Forest Essentials' ingredients are sourced from