The Best Jewellery Coffee Table Books for Every Home

Every home can do with a little extra sparkle.

Marilyn Monroe in a still from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953

The recent years have cast a sparkle in the world of coffee table books, with a series of splendid tomes on jewellery. From Chanel to Cartier, traditional Indian to hip hop jewels, authors have decided to add some shine to your book collection with stunning photographs and ample research…

The glossy pages of Chanel High Jewelry by Julie Levoyer and Agnés Muckensturm, for instance, hold the sheer brilliance in Coco Chanel’s jewellery designs. The book digs into archival pieces and sketches made by her and also throws light on their transformation over the years. As you devour this one, delve into the meanings of symbols used by the Maison that continue till today.

Meanwhile, Phyllida Jay’s Inspired by India: How India Transformed Global Design includes a rich account of over six centuries of craftsmanship, motifs, and an exchange of ideas between Indian jewellery (and fashion) styles and the rest of the world. This heavily researched book includes archival images and fascinating accounts for the fashionably-inclined.

The intriguing allure behind Windows at Tiffany & Co. by Assouline transports readers to the world of artistic window displays with archival concept sketches and illustrations. And for hip-hop lovers, the book Ice Cold: A Hip Hop Jewellery History shines light on the profound significance of “iced” pieces in hip-hop culture…styles that have added identity to the subculture and taken the world by storm. This book weaves in references to renowned artists like Cardi B, Jay Z, and Gucci Mane, unveiling the intimate connection between bling and beats.

For the celebration of 50 years in America, Bvlgari released B is for Bvlgari by Lynn Yaeger and Marion Fasel, a coffee table book that traces the history of the design house. In focus is the most famous Serpenti collection, and there are discussions featuring interesting historical anecdotes through its pages.

Another one is the Jewellery Guide: The Ultimate Compendium, written by Fabienne Reybaud, that walks us through the history of jewellery-making. The book discusses the most important pieces in history like the Hope Diamond and Taylor La Perengina’s Pearl through its course. Magnificent, to say the least…

Presenting, a curation of these captivating coffee table books to adorn your living space, spark conversations, and elevate your appreciation for the world of exquisite jewellery and its cultural impact.

Chanel High Jewelry Coffee Table Book, by Julie Levoyer and Agnés Muckensturm, Thames & Hudson


B Is For Bvlgari, by Lynn Yaeger and Marion Fasel, The Adventurine Limited Editions


Inspired By India: How India Transformed Global Design by Phyllida Jay,
Roli Books


Jewelry Guide: The Ultimate Compendium, by Fabienne Reybaud, Assouline


When Jewellery Speaks..., by Shimul Mehta Vyas, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad


Cartier: The Story Behind the Style, by Rachael Taylor, Studio Press


Windows at Tiffany & Co., Assouline


Botanical, Chaumet, by Filipa Ramos, JBE Books, Chaumet


Boghossian: Expertise, Craftsmanship, Innovation, by Vivienne Becker, Assouline


Buccellati: A Century of Timeless Beauty, by Alba Cappellieri, Franco Cologni, and Vivienne Becker, Assouline