Tell Us, When Do You Feel Most Creative?

(From left from right) Designers Suket Dhir, Karan Torani, Narresh Kukreja, Urvashi Kaur, Shweta Kapur, and Shivan Bhatiya. 

The Word.: When do you feel most creative?

Suket Dhir: “Of late, I have been feeling perpetually inspired. I love being in nature…and I am particularly wired when I’m driving.”

Karan Torani: “At night…I like the solitude of haunting silent evenings. With no-one else in sight, I like to talk to myself and recollect my thoughts. I also write poetry, record my ideas, and make scrapbooks of memories…something that I am unable to do during the daytime.”

Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja: “When we are travelling. Meeting new people, being in new places, and experiencing artistic forms of human expression help fuel us.”

Shweta Kapur: “I feel my most creative self late at night, often post-meditation. It’s when everyone is asleep and it’s just me with my thoughts…”

Urvashi Kaur: “When I am not trying to be creative is when ideas rush in. I believe when you allow yourself to flow with the rhythm of life, that’s when the magic happens. It is deeply inspiring for me to be in the midst of nature and I am often moved to create something while flipping through an art book, watching a movie, or visiting a museum. The very act of observing other creatives motivates me in unique ways.”

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