Tell Us, What Stimulates Your Creativity?

(Clockwise from left) Photographer Arjun Mark, jewellery designer Kavya Potluri, artist Shilo Shiv Suleman, designer Shehla Khan, and make-up artist Elton J Fernandez.

The Word.: What stimulates your creativity and inspires you?

Arjun Mark: “Anything to do with nature inspires me. Objects around me are no longer impassive; they are ideas. Photography helps me discover an unexpected side of me, and has become the premise of my artistic exploration.”

Kavya Potluri: “The presence of calmness acts as a powerful stimulant for my creativity. When I find myself in a peaceful environment, my mind becomes more receptive to new ideas and possibilities. In a calm state, I can make unique connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.”

Shilo Shiv Suleman: “I feel most creative when I feel like I am carrying forward the work of my ancestors. Being in India and growing up in India, we are surrounded by beauty not just in gallery spaces, but also in our love letters, our embroidery, our painted palaces, our intricate universe of adornment and shringar…these are all creative practices.”

Shehla Khan: “The feeling of love inspires me deeply, and being surrounded by beauty stimulates my creativity.”

Elton J Fernandez: “I find beautiful, smiling eyes and unfiltered realness tremendously inspiring.”

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