Tell Us, What Stimulates You Creatively and Inspires You?

(From left to right) Artist Paresh Maity, CEO & Creative Director Amrapali Jewels Tarang Arora, CEO of Tribe Amrapali Akanksha Arora, model and Founder of Wilderbee Talent Camp Lakshmi Rana, designer Rahul Mishra, architect Meera Ali, and filmmaker Muzaffar Ali

The Word.: What stimulates your creativity and inspires you?

Paresh Maity: “Mother Nature is the fundamental inspirational force behind my art. As Aristotle rightly said ‘All art is not but an imitation of nature’.”

Rahul Mishra: “A lot of my life borrows influence from nature that surrounds me and the way it interacts with human civilisation. I often find myself musing over the natural ecosystems and the tiny marvels that are contained in them. But also, the way it lives alongside us—it could be a bush of Himalayan rose climbing onto a harsh concrete wall, colourful flowers decorating the windows of houses in Monaco, or the lotus blooming in its full glory in a muddy pond.”

Lakshmi Rana: “Thought-provoking pieces of art—be it a Christopher Nolan movie or a Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculpture, the medium is rarely of any significance to me. Art born of other people’s imagination stirs the urge within me to create something from my own imagination.”

Meera Ali: “I would have to say peace and calm. Tranquil moments with no disturbances fuel my creativity.”

Muzaffar Ali: “So many things! Human responses, collaborations, and inspirations…the beauty of human effort and human form. Memories and images from timeless times, man-made cars of yesteryear…and our dogs.”

Tarang Arora: “Anything that is beautifully done…it could be something I come across on the road or old architecture, within which I like to decode how motifs of flowers and leaves were created some 200 years ago. These days, I am intrigued by things like why a product is made the way it is made, understanding its usability…I find it very inspiring.”

Akanksha Arora: “Travelling to different cities and learning about new cultures inspires me immensely.”

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