Sonam Kapoor Ahuja: “Earlier, I Would Suffer for Fashion. Now, I Prioritise Comfort”

In an exclusive interview with The Word., Sonam Kapoor Ahuja talks about how motherhood has changed her, the art of balance, and why she chose to be the face of The Moms Co.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja [Courtesy: Instagram]

The Word.: Tell us, how have you changed as a person after becoming a mother?
Sonam Kapoor Ahuja: “My 30s have turned out to be some of my best years. I was scared to turn 30, but it was this decade that delivered some of my most successful films, marriage, a baby, and the chance to set up my home…

When too many things happen at the same time, you can either panic and get stressed out, or you reach deep within to calm yourself. I realised there was no point being anxious…I just needed to be in the moment and enjoy life as it comes.”

TW.: And how has your style changed after becoming a mother?
SKA: “In the past, I believed that sometimes, you had to suffer for fashion. But now, comfort is key for me. I need to be comfortable so I can run after my child, or carry him, or feed him.

Of course, I still enjoy dressing up. But when I’m not working, you’ll probably find me in kurta-pyjamas or sweatpants.

Right now, in Delhi, I like to wear cotton kurta pyjamas by Anokhi or Fabindia. But I seek out pure cotton or linen clothes.”


“Women tend to feel guilty more than men do…it’s in our DNA. And it is because we are made to feel like we are responsible for everything, and, at the same time, not doing enough.”


TW.: Are you a tough mom?
SKA: “He [Vayu Ahuja] is just one-and-a-half years old, so I can’t be strict with him. But, no, I am not a strict mom…however, I am careful about his schedule. If we follow a schedule and plan things ahead of time, I feel comfortable.”

TW.: You are the face of this fabulous brand, The Moms Co. Tell us, how did this happen?
SKA: “I signed on with The Moms Co. when I was pregnant. I spoke to the founder at that time, and, during our conversation, I learnt she founded the brand because when she was expecting a baby, she could not find safe, clean beauty products for herself. Her story resonated with me because I am constantly trying to find products that are safe for the baby.”

TW.: And out of all of their wonderful products, what do you like the most?
SKA: “I used The Moms Co. Body Butter during my pregnancy, and even post-partum, because I was paranoid about the stretch marks…and I don’t have any! Pigmentation is another skin issue women face during and post-pregnancy, and The Moms Co. Natural Advanced 20% Vitamin C Face Serum is great for that.”

TW.: They say nobody feels more guilt than a mom who works. What would you say to working moms about this constant feeling of guilt that they tend to have?
SKA: “Women tend to feel guilty more than men do…it’s in our DNA. And it is because we are made to feel like we are responsible for everything, and, at the same time, not doing enough.

I think one should lead by example, especially as a parent. I benefited from my mother as she was a working mom—I understood the value of it because I saw her working hard.

I want my son to know that his mother works and I want him to respect that. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is a homemaker, and she’s brilliant at that…and that’s amazing as well. So I think if you set the right example—whether it’s your home or your job—and if you are able to balance everything well, especially when you choose to have a child, I think it is fine.”

TW.: What is bringing you utter creative joy at the moment?
SKA: “I just finished decorating my home in Mumbai, and that brought me a tremendous amount of joy. We are also redoing our Delhi home now…

I love interiors, I love art, I love fashion…I feel like I am a ‘wannabe aesthete’. I can find beauty in anything, and that makes life better, I think.”

TW.: Since we are talking about joy, what do you do to bring that joy back into your life on days when you are not feeling so great?
SKA: “On bad days, one of the best things you can do is sit in nature…it helps you realise how small you are in the scope of things.

You realise there are so many things to look forward to… You realise that everything happens for a reason…and that everything will be alright. Everything, eventually, is always going to be alright, you just have to believe that otherwise life will be very dismal.”