Should You Use a Sponge, a Brush or Your Fingers?

5 Make-up experts reveal their preferred tool for flawless foundation, blush, and product application.

Courtesy: Pooja Mor

In a battle between make-up sponges, brushes, and your own fingers, who will win? The verdict is out! Celebrity make-up artists Arti Nayar, Namrata Soni, Lekha Gupta, Mehak Oberoi, and Savleen Manchanda reveal the best methods for make-up application, as per the finish you prefer.

Arti Nayar, Make-Up Artist

“I gravitate towards two methods. A make-up sponge is my preferred tool to apply foundation with, as it lends a wonderful finish—it’s almost flawless. A sponge allows us to regulate the amount of product one needs, and it also makes it easy to blur harsh lines. And I use my fingers to apply under-eye concealer and cream blush.”

Namrata Soni, Make-Up Artist and Founder, Simply Nam

“My favourite way to apply make-up is with a sponge. And Simply Nam’s Velvet Microfiber Makeup Sponge is my go-to tool for everything—be it concealer, foundation, blush, or highlighter. The reason I prefer this sponge over others is because it’s made with microfiber, which makes it extremely soft, and it doesn’t absorb too much product, allowing the right amount of make-up to stay on the skin.”

Lekha Gupta, Make-Up Artist

“With experience, I have realised that I can’t restrict the application of products to just one tool. Sometimes, working with two tools creates magic, especially during skin prep and base application. I’d recommend using a brush for a more concentrated effect, like for contouring or blush, while a sponge offers a more skin-like finish as it pushes the product into the skin. A good blend can be achieved with either one or a couple of tools—it depends on the finish you want to achieve.”

Mehak Oberoi, Make-Up Artist

“As an artist, brushes, sponges, and fingers, all come in handy while applying make-up. So, it is difficult for me to choose one, as it depends on the kind of finish I want. When it comes to base, especially for full coverage, I prefer using a brush. Brushes work well with power-based formulas as you can achieve a seamless finish. For liquid foundations, blushes, or highlighters, one can use a sponge for a more diffused, lived-in effect.”

Savleen Manchanda, Make-Up Artist

“It is tough to pick one as all of these techniques have their strengths… What I pick on a given day depends on the kind of skin finish I want to achieve. Fingers work well with products that need to be warmed up to blend, like a primer, concealer, or cream eyeshadow. A sponge offers more control, allowing you to build coverage as needed, and, lastly, a brush is great for make-up pros, as they know the right techniques—being heavy-handed with a brush can leave you with uneven, streaky finish.”