10 Tobacco-Based Fragrances You Must Try

Proceed with caution, for these scents are addictive.

Not a fan of cigarettes or cigars, but still attracted to the scent of tobacco? We’ve got you covered. Fragrance lovers are lauding this ingredient for its rich, sensual aroma. But this note is hardly a new recruit in the olfactive universe. Decades ago, perfumers used to add tobacco absolute oil to inject a hint of masculinity to a scent. Years later, it became a regular feature in distinctive blends, owing to its versatility—tobacco pairs beautifully with spicy, floral, and woody notes.

Today, as the world is trying to break away from society’s gender construct, tobacco-based scents work as the perfect gender-neutral option for personal use and gifting. Its scent offers a warm, comforting feeling, and you can take your pick based on your personal preference.

We have curated a list of top-ranking tobacco-laced perfumes for your consideration.

Amouage, Opus XIV Royal Tobacco


BYREDO, Tobacco Mandarin

₹28,950/50ml approx

Christian Dior, Perfumes Tobacolor

Price on request

Clive Christian, Art Deco Blonde Amber

₹51,700/50ml approx

Eisenberg, Secret II Bois Précieux


Krigler, Good Fir 11


Le Labo, Tabac 28

price on request

Maison Margiela, Replica Jazz Club

price on request

Tom Ford, Tobacco Vanille


Vyrao, Georgette