Tell Us, When Do You Feel Most Creative?

(From left to right) Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan, designer Gaurav Gupta; Chairman of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) Sunil Sethi, photographer Tarun Khiwal, art collector and philanthropist Kiran Nadar, and Purulia Chhau Dance Academy performers Debashish Parit and Swapan Machhua.

The Word.: When do you feel most creative?

Kiran Nadar: “I would rather say I help bring India’s most creative people together. So, I relate to leading or guiding the creative and packaging it into something good. I feel that’s my contribution, be it within my own museum space or any other project that I am a part of. My intrinsic gift is being able to judge different works and identify the important ones. I have a natural flair, and that aspect is important when you are building a collection.”

Gaurav Gupta: “I feel the most creative when I am connected to the elements in nature…deep-sea diving, or a walk in a forest, for instance. At the same time, I feel my creativity soaring when I am sketching alone at home, or working in the atelier. Also, the Universe and its many elements like philosophy, metaphysics, mythology, surrealism, fantasy, and art are responsible for stimulating my imagination.”

Sunil Sethi: “I can’t answer that definitively. Creativity is a process and it can’t be subjected to the confines of the time of day or place. It is more tactile and internal, mostly metaphysical.”

Shovana Narayan: “Creativity can strike anywhere, anytime. And it could be triggered by anything that would make me want to express myself through my medium of dance. That ‘anything’ can be something I have seen, or something I am reading, or a phrase that has captured my attention, or a thought that has crossed my mind.”

Tarun Khiwal: “I feel creative all the time! And it is not limited to just art…you can feel creative even when you are spending time with your family. Over the years, I have learnt that life stimulates your creativity and can truly inspire you.”

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