Tina Malhotra Feels Like “Sweet 16”: The Ageless Series

Presenting, The Word. Magazine pioneering photo-essay, ‘The Ageless Series’, that celebrates the joys of ageing.

Owner of Evoluzione, Tina Malhotra, age 56 for The Word. Magazine’s ‘The Ageless Series’

The Word.: How old are you and how old do you feel?

Tina Malhotra:

“To be very honest, I have lost track of my age. I am high on life and I am enjoying myself…

I am 56, and I feel like 16, sweet 16.” 

TW: What is the best thing about growing older?

TM: “The best thing about growing older, for me, is that I have the freedom to do what I feel like, I am done with my responsibilities to an extent, my kids are married or are getting married, and I am enjoying life. I just love life. I feel that the best part of life is yet to come, so I am enjoying life.”

Tina Malhotra is wearing all jewellery by Shri Hari Ram Jewellers.

TW: What does the word timeless mean to you?


TM: “Timeless means forever, eternal. I have one tattoo that is eternal, and the tattoo signifies forever.” 

TW: What will we find in your jewelry box?

TM:In my jewellery box, you’ll find a lot of emeralds and diamonds, I just love emeralds and diamonds and wherever I go, I pick up a lot of antique pieces, special and unique pieces. I often visit vintage markets, so I have a good collection of antiques in my jewelry box”.

Tina in an outfit by Anamika Khanna, and jewellery by Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers.
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