The Word. Exclusive: Katrina Kaif On Building a Sustainable Wardrobe, Advice She’d Give to Her Younger Self, and More

The actor, entrepreneur, and UNIQLO brand endorser shares how her style has evolved over the years.

Katrina Kaif [Image Courtesy: UNIQLO]

The Word.: If you had to define your style using three adjectives, which ones would you pick and why?
Katrina Kaif: “Minimal, comfortable, and classic…these three words define most pieces in my wardrobe. Comfort is very important to me, and minimal pieces make for the perfect staples—they are great building blocks for a functional yet stylish wardrobe. And I love the versatility of classic styles that have stood the test of time.”

TW.: Looking back, were you always confident in your skin, and with your style choices, or is it something you learnt over time?
KK: “The truth is, one is always learning how to be confident in one’s skin. I work with some of the best stylists in the industry and am constantly learning from them. But, at heart, I have always preferred simple designs.”

TW.: Tell us how your style has evolved over the years…
KK: “My style has transformed into an easy-going aesthetic—I wear what I like, and what makes me comfortable. You’ll mostly see me in classic, fuss-free silhouettes. Aside from that, my wardrobe has also taken a more sustainable approach.”

TW.: Tell us about some of the habits you have incorporated to be more sustainable.
KK: “I have moved towards a greener wardrobe, handpicking clothing that will last for a long time. I consciously buy pieces that can be paired with multiple looks.”

Katrina Kaif for UNIQLO's 2024 Spring/Summer campaign, ‘Summers are for Linen’

TW.: Do you have any memories of UNIQLO growing up, or perhaps, during your early years in the industry?
KK: “I was first introduced to UNIQLO during my time in London. Then as now, I appreciate their simple, high-quality approach to clothing, which is very much in line with my own approach to style.”

TW.: Uniqlo is known for its minimal aesthetic. Is that something you relate to?
KK: “I have always loved Japanese culture and their minimal design aesthetics, and UNIQLO’s clothing embodies those values, with its simple, timeless designs. I find UNIQLO works very well for my everyday wardrobe.”

TW.: Tell us about your favourite pieces from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.
KK: “I absolutely love the Linen range from UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Linen is one of my favourite fabrics for summer, as it’s so breathable and comfortable. My favourite styles are the Premium Linen shirt—it’s a classic—and the linen blend jumpsuit, which works well on its own and as a layer.”

Katrina Kaif wearing a linen shirt from UNIQLO's 2024 Spring/Summer campaign, ‘Summers are for Linen’

TW. What, according to you, are the key essentials when it comes to acing the art of comfort dressing?
KK: “I believe comfort clothing should feel like an extension of oneself. It should capture what we want our wardrobe to stand for…mine celebrates pieces that make me feel happy with a touch of self-expression.”

TW.: What is the most-worn clothing item in your wardrobe?
KK: “The most-worn item in my wardrobe is a pair of trusted jeans, which I style in various ways. I love the versatility of jeans…”

TW.: Lastly, if you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self, what would you tell her?
KK: “I began working at a very young age…when I was just a teenager. So, if I could give my younger self a piece of advice, it would be to remember to enjoy the moment…”

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