Tell Us, Who Are Your Creative Role Models?

(From left to right) Stylist and creative director Gautam Kalra, designer Shantanu Mehra, artists Princess Pea and Gurjeet Singh, designer Nikhil Mehra, and content creator Ishita Mangal.

The Word.: Who are your creative role models?

Nikhil Mehra: “It has always been [late designer] Alexander McQueen. The sense of balance in his work never fails to leave me awestruck. I have never really looked beyond another figure as my inspiration.”

Shantanu Mehra: “I don’t have a role model, per se. I feel that creativity has no boundaries and depending on my current mood or the season’s flavour, I find something that truly triggers my creativity. For instance, recently, I felt inspired by Pharrell Williams’ [Men’s Creative Director] debut collection for Louis Vuitton.”

Princess Pea: “I would say writer and novelist Virginia Woolf, and poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.”

Gurjeet Singh: “Anyone who passionately and relentlessly works hard to realise their dreams is a role model to me. When you do that, even if you fail, those failures make you stronger and push you to rise again.”

Ishita Mangal: “I am captivated by couturier Rahul Mishra’s designs and creative process. His profound passion and dedication allow his craft to speak for itself, devoid of any unnecessary distractions or pretence.”

Gautam Kalra: “I admire people who are unique and fearless. I have had many role models over the years, but if I had to pick, I would say [late designers] John Galliano and Issey Miyake, and closer home, I admire designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh, Manish Arora, and [late photographer] Prabuddha Dasgupta.”

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