Tell Us, When Do You Feel Most Creative?

(Clockwise from left) Michelin star chef and author Suvir Saran, drag artist Lush Monsoon, model TJ Gill, content creator Sakshi Sindwani, India Art Fair Director Jaya Asokan, designers Varun Bahl and Namrata Joshipura, and contemporary Indian artist Kanchan Chander.

The Word.: When do you feel most creative?

Suvir Saran: “I feel most creative in the middle of the night when all is still and the sky is a deep midnight blue shade…and I can literally feel those stars I cannot see, that shimmer away. Also, when all is breaking down or tearing apart, I find myself coming together and rising to heights of inspired creativity.”

TJ Gill: “I feel creative during times of distress and sadness…especially after I have had a breakdown. Somehow, it evokes a fire within me. Whenever I am sad or angry, I channel that pain and sadness into a piece of paper and write the best poems, songs, and intuitive pieces—it helps me calm down.”

Sakshi Sindwani: “I get my best ideas when I am about to fall asleep. Sometimes, creativity strikes while I am asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night to jot down the ideas I have dreamt of. I also feel extremely inspired during my travels.”

Jaya Asokan: “Definitely in the morning…when I am alone and in a state of Zen.”

Varun Bahl: “I feel most creative when I travel and immerse myself in the beauty of nature that surrounds us.”

Namrata Joshipura: “Creativity can strike anytime, but I find that the most fertile times are either when my mind is quiet or when there are endorphins surging through my body during a run.”

Kanchan Chander: “Honestly, there is no particular time I can think of. Creativity can strike anytime.”

Lush Monsoon: “At night, when the world around me is asleep, I take up all the space that I want and feel no judgement. That’s when I am struck with my best ideas and feel the most creative.”

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