Tell us, What Are the Colours That Make You Happy?

(From left to right) Model Rikee Chatterjee, designers Nimish Shah and JJ Valaya, chef Manu Chandra, and danseuse Shivani Varma.

The Word.: What are the colours that make you happy?

Rikee Chatterjee: “Even though I am partial towards black—it’s my favourite colour—I believe each colour has its own charm. So it depends on my mood on that particular day…”

JJ Valaya: “I am in the business of colours, and fashion, and interiors, but I absolutely love black and white. I am not partial towards colour, I would say I am impartial towards it…and I think that’s the way one should be. God has created so many wonderful colours, and it would be almost naive to shun some and embrace others.”

Nimish Shah: “I love classic, neutral colours, so I’d have to pick navy and brown.”

Manu Chandra: “Green, perhaps, because the human species is designed to register green more than any other colour.”

Shivani Varma: “I love white, it signifies comfort and elegance. I also like pink and blue—pink stands for love while blue is the colour of my favourite element, water.”

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