If You Remember the ’90s, Know That ’90s Jeans are Back

It’s time to bring back the Straight Fit and Baggy Jeans.

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It was the decade of Madonna, Madhuri, and the supermodels. Rangeela had burst onto the scene in 1995, and Shah Rukh Khan became a national heartthrob.

The ’90s were good times.

These key moments of the decade—when Whitney Houston and Céline Dion tugged at our heartstrings—also brought in their wake a new sense of style. 

And now, Levi’s has brought back two key denim trends from the ’90s—Straight Fits and Baggy Fits—to 2024!

A scene from 'Rangeela' [1995] with the actors wearing jeans of the times.

The nineties revealed a delightful mix of high fashion with street fashion, minimalism with a play of proportions. One of the most impactful fashion trends of the decade were the pair of jeans, that became a defining factor of what was considered cool.  

For one, the loose-ish jeans of the previous decade were now worn by young moms everywhere, lending the name ‘mom jeans’. These soon became a part of mainstream fashion, and the waistline became fixed as a mid-rise, often with a black belt to complete the look.

The cast of 'Beverly Hills, 90210', that ran on televisions in 1990.

And while women and men across the globe lapped up this style, another subculture emerged—the Baggy Jeans. Hip hop defined what was hot and happening, namely, the baggier the jeans, the better. 

Artists like Jay Z, TLC, 2Pac, and Aaliyah wore them, and this trend became a statement of individuality and rebellion. In fact, MC Hammer’s hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’ catapulted the Baggy Jeans to a new level of fame. 

And just like that, the trend is making its way back this year.

baggyy jeans were integral to the ‘bad boy’ look of hip-hop artists of the decade.

For 2024, Levi’s has created both Straight Fits and Baggy Fits for different fashion styles and statements. 

The 94’ Baggy, for instance, captures ’90s charm with its loose fit and mid rise. Meanwhile, the 94’ Baggy. Wide Leg channels the classic with a loose, mid rise and a roomy hem. 

And the ’80s Mom Jeans prioritise the decade’s penchant for comfortable, high-waisted jeans. This laid-back pair is fitted with a high rise that’s more relaxed around the thigh and calf, and tapers at the ankle. 


Levi’s 94' Baggy and High Loose jeans.

The ’90s style jeans are back for 2024, and you can take your pick from Levi’s Straight Fits, Baggy Jeans, and Mom Jeans.

That’s all!