Couturier Rahul Mishra Collaborates With Hoegaarden to Craft a Limited-Edition ‘Sipping’ Collection

The Hoegaarden x Rahul Mishra Summer In A Glass collection is a feast for the eyes and palate.

The Hoegaarden X Rahul Mishra: Summer In A Glass Limited Edition Box
[Courtesy: Hoegaarden]

If you have a penchant for finer things in life, then you would certainly love this season’s most coveted collaboration that unfolds at the bar. Couturier Rahul Mishra has joined forces with iconic Belgian beer and gin brand, Hoegaarden, to create a limited-edition ‘sipping’ collection.

Aptly christened ‘Summer In A Glass’, the collection is as delightful on the eyes as it is on the palate. Inspired by the romantic allure of a European summer, Rahul’s signature nature-inspired patterns adorn the glassware and accessories, turning them into miniature works of art. A collector’s item, each piece a thoughtful fusion of design and indulgence.

A sketch of the Hoegaarden x Rahul Mishra Summer In a Glass Box [Courtesy: Hoegaarden]

 “Each element of the Sipping Collection is meticulously crafted to reflect the sophistication and attention to detail both brands stand for. Adorned with intricate, nature-inspired patterns, elegant glassware, delicate brooch adorning each Hoegaarden bottle, the collection is a thoughtful fusion of design and indulgence.” 

—Rahul Mishra, Designer

A limited edition Hoegaarden Gin bottle featuring artwork by couturier Rahul Mishra

‘Summer In A Glass’ is housed in a mini chest—a collectable in its own right—and features a Hoegaarden Gin with nature-inspired pattern in opulent hues of gold, along with a delicate brooch and carved, gold stirrer, making it a thoughtful fusion of design and indulgence.

“Hoegaarden has been synonymous with curating delightfully delicious experiences with its flavourful portfolio of beer and gin. Our partnership with Rahul Mishra has allowed us to reimagine the art of slowing down and savouring in style, ” says Vineet Sharma, Vice President – Marketing, AB InBev India.

But the true opulence of this collaboration lies not just in aesthetics, but in the symphony of flavours it evokes. Each element within the collection draws inspiration from a distinct offering within Hoegaarden Gin’s exquisite portfolio. The Parisian Romance Gin, a symphony of berries, transports you to the charming cobbled streets of France. The Belgian Original, with its notes of orange and coriander, is an olfactory journey through fragrant Ghent gardens. Finally, the Mediterranean Summer variant, a citrusy delight, evokes sun-drenched afternoons on the Riviera.

This innovative partnership extends beyond the ‘Summer in a Glass’ collection. To elevate your summer soirees to unparalleled heights, select establishments across Mumbai, Goa, and Bengaluru will be offering signature Hoegaarden cocktails that capture the essence of these luxurious summer flavours.

The Hoegaarden x Rahul Mishra Summer In a Glass Box featured a limited-edition bottle features limited edition Hoegaarden gin bottle, stirrer, and brooch, all designed by couturier Rahul Mishra