Why Being Called a BITCH, is really a COMPLIMENT.

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Remember Lady Gaga’s alien-esque heels in ‘Bad Romance’? Those strange shoes were the Armadillo Heels by Alexander McQueen that are, today, considered one of the most iconic designs ever.


Since their debut on the runway in 2010, these towering shoes have been described as beautiful, grotesque, and even an attack on feminism… the British designer’s shocking shoes have been loved and hated with equal passion over the years. 


McQueen introduced these shoes at his show ‘Plato’s Atlantis’, standing on an incredible 12-inch-high platform and a 9-inch-high heel… Only 21 pairs of the towering shoes were created, inspired by the scaly mammal, but so dangerously high were these shoes that some models refused to walk the show one day before.

British socialite Daphne Guinness was the first to wear them in public, which she described as "surprisingly comfortable”.

n fact, the night before the show, its producer tested the shoes and found them impossible to walk in. He alerted McQueen that the models might fall in them during the show, and the designer’s infamous response to this was, “If they fall, they fall.”


Fortunately, not a single model fell in the Armadillo Shoes. 


Lady Gaga made these shoes her staple fashion statement soon after they were released, which began with her look in her 2009 music video ‘Bad Romance’. That same year, she wore them to red carpet events and created a stir. 


However, it was British socialite Daphne Guinness who was the first to wear them in public, which she described as “surprisingly comfortable”. 


Critics were quick to celebrate the Armadillo Shoes as one of the most iconic shoes ever created. But at the same time, others dismissed them as “gorgeous and cruel”, and even likened the models wearing them to a “hunted victim”. 

Today, these shoes are a part of fashion history, and are owned by the MET Museum, Lady Gaga, and the Alexander McQueen Archive in London. 


Image Courtesy: fashionista.com , Wikipedia, Pinterest 

Alexander McQueen launched the Armadillo Shoes on the runway in 2010, at his show ‘Plato's Atlantis’.