Tell Us, What is the One Song You Always Dance To?

(From left to right) Rapper and singer-songwriter Deepa Unnikrishnan, stylist Sohiny Das, drag artist DeeDeePls, photographer Vaishnav Praveen, stylist Mohit Rai, and model and actor Dayana Erappa.

The Word.: What is a song that always makes you dance?

DeeMC: “I grew up on Bollywood music, so some of those songs make me nostalgic and I can’t help but dance to them. If I have to choose one go-to track, it would be Sajna Ji Vari Vari from Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. [2007].

Sohiny Das:Urvashi Urvashi by A.R. Rahman is one of my all-time favourite songs.”

DeeDeePls: “There are so many…but I Feel Love by Donna Summer is my all-time favourite. And I also love Lambada by Kaoma, Las de la Intuición by Shakira, and anything Dancehall.”

Dayana Erappa: “I have grown up watching and dancing to songs featuring Sridevi, Raveena Tandon, and Madhuri Dixit Nene—they are such icons, so I guess it has to be any of their dance numbers.”

Mohit Rai:Single Ladies by Beyoncé will never fail to make me dance.”

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