Tell Us, Are Some People Born More Creative Than Others?

(Clockwise from left) Content creator Komal Pandey, designer Tarun Tahiliani, Director of Serendipity Arts Foundation and Festival, Smriti Rajgharhia, product designer Namit Khanna, and artist Pano. 

The Word.: Are some people born more creative than others?

Tarun Tahiliani: “If we are talking about artistic creativity, then yes…within that zone, some are born more creative just as others might be better in sports or finances. I think everyone has some special magic within them.”

Namit Khanna: “It all boils down to what one is exposed to during their childhood, on a conscious or subconscious level. Creativity is not limited to design, art, theatre, etc. For me, it means creating something unique.”

Pano: “Creativity isn’t the prerogative of an elite few. Creativity is the one thing that differentiates human beings from any other being on the planet. I will always be intrigued by the way an idea becomes a reality… The best part is, creativity increases with experience and carries you through the journey of life.”

Smriti Rajgarhia: “It depends on one’s exposure—my creativity came from working with the arts. Exposure to art and culture, through any medium, does wonders to enhance the ways in which we perceive the world.”

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