Tell Us, Do You Think Creativity is Innate Or Acquired?

(From left to right) Stylist and creative director Anaita Shroff Adajania, actor Jim Sarbh, actor and content creator Kusha Kapila, jewellery designer, Suhani Parekh, and architect and designer Ashiesh Shah.

The Word.: Do you think creativity is innate or can it be developed?

Jim Sarbh: “I believe that everyone is born creative, and has the capacity to express creativity. However, sometimes life does not allow you the privilege of developing it into an art form. Having said that, I believe that creativity is so powerful that it will find a way to blossom regardless…in conversation, in tiny daily acts, in movement, in gesture.”

Anaita Shroff Adajania: “Creativity is something that can be and should be nurtured. The various influences in our lives wire us to think, absorb, and act in a certain way. As a child, I remember hanging around my grandfather’s bespoke, menswear tailoring shop, and my impressionable mind was giddy with the conversations, textures, and styles I was exposed to.”

Kusha Kapila: “I feel privilege has a lot to do with creativity. I genuinely believe everyone is creative, but were they really given the space to be creative? Or the freedom or avenues to be creative? Of course, the level of creativity might vary, but everyone has something unique about them. It’s just that some of us are lucky and privileged enough to find that.”

Ashiesh Shah: “Creativity is a unique blend of innate abilities and nurtured potential. While some individuals may possess a natural inclination towards creativity, it is akin to a rough gem that requires refining. Just like a diamond, creativity benefits from continuous polishing. A conducive environment can foster and support its growth, allowing it to flourish. However, creativity never reaches a point of saturation or a definitive peak. A master has to polish their tool to unlock the full brilliance of their creative potential.”

Suhani Parekh: “I believe creativity comes from interacting with one’s environment. It is a combination of nature and nurture.”

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